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Tutoring London has been accredited and contracted by the CNED

The CNED (Centre national d’enseignement à distance / National centre for distance education) is the ideal solution for students wishing to benefit from the dual Anglo-French curriculum or who have not yet found their place at the French Lycée or who are prevented from going to school regularly.
Tutoring London offers education tailored to the needs of your children.

Do you want your children to follow the French National Education program in parallel with their English education? Tutoring London provides you with qualified teachers who work with the official French National Education program to offer your children the opportunity to join / re-join the French system.
Whether for French, mathematics, history and geography, or learning to read and write, Tutoring London has the appropriate CNED tutorial.

At home

The rhythm of private lessons will be determined for each child.

Tutoring London is there to help you and guide you towards the solutions best suited to your child, considering the demands of dual education.

We usually suggest lessons of 1.5 hour per subject per week.

Art Class

Within the school:

Tutoring London organises, with the school management, of a complete and adapted CNED tutoring program. We work within the premises of some schools to optimise everyone's work. After or during class, your child is taken care of directly on the school grounds; thus we_¬ work within the safety of the school environment.
We generally offer 2-hours sessions, twice a week.

Do you want your children to follow a quality French course in parallel with the British education system without having to travel?


Contact us ASAP!


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