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Tutoring LONDON International provides teaching adapted to the needs of your children

Our mission is to offer you the best teacher possible and teaching practicefor the home and online to achieve tangible and lasting results.

  • You contact us and together we establish the needs of each student and the profile of the ideal teacher.

  • You choose, face-to-face or online in each package.

  • We follow-up and call you regularly to ensure you are satisfied with progress.

English Tutor
Online Class

Do you hesitate to choose online courses with Tutoring London International?

Our service remains the same whether online or face-to-face. We guarantee to find the right teacher according to your expectations and the needs of your child.
Thanks to the online service, your choice is multiplied: learn Chinese with our teacher in Beijing, history with the best teachers in France, and prepare for the major schools and universities with the greatest specialists….
We have selected the best teachers for you, without any geographical boundaries.
The wider the choice, the better the teacher selected, this will satisfy your expectations and your child’s needs!
Our online teachers are experienced in distance learning: we guarantee you a proper private lesson, without having to travel.

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Start your lessons quickly

No need to wait for the right teacher to be available and able to come to you: lessons are organised quickly, with more flexibility (45-minute lessons up to 2:00hours) and greater efficiency for everyone’s benefit!

How does it work?

Like for face-to-face courses, you tell us in detail what you expect.
We then choose the teacher who best suits your students needs.
You choose the platform that best suits you according to your needs: screen sharing, timing,
lesson recording, everything is possible,
simple and the students love it.

Benefit from an advantageous rate

In addition to being more practical with a wider choice of teachers, our online courses are less expensive than our face-to-face courses!

Online courses Q&A

Are the students as focused as with a face-to-face lesson?

First of all, it should be emphasised that the use of screens is a question of generations, what is valid for us parents is not for our children who have been in contact with
a screen for a long time.
According to our experience, the ability to concentrate online for a child aged 13 or over is identical or even better than for a face-to-face lesson.
Our children love the interface represented by the screen, they are used to spending time there, and if the teacher is chosen specifically for the needs of the child, the screen becomes a perfectly adapted learning mediumIt is interactive and lively, and the teacher is present without being overwhelming.

Why offer online courses?

We offer online courses to our studentsbecause we believe in it!
We also believe that it is essential to show ’students that a screen is not only a medium for playing, or endless surfing the Internet, or spending nights on social networks…
A screen is also a great way to learn effectively.
Thanks to online lessons, children feel empowered concerning their personal work: alone, in front of our teacher via a screen, they consider themselves independent without having the impression that one can sometimes have in a classroom of being supervised by the teacher.
They are no longer passive consumers but actors and that makes all the difference!

Our packages

Our Tutoring London International quality charter since 2003

We seek out teachers to meet your expectations and the needs of the students, according to their qualifications, personalities, pedagogical approaches, and experience in order to provide a high level of education.
We are committed to satisfy your requests as far as possible: the profile of the teacher, keeping flexible timetable, finding replacement teachers...
And above all, do not hesitate to get back to us if you have any questions or specific comments, we are open all year round.

German Teacher
Senior Computer Class

Our packages

We screen, interview, and check the references of each of our teachers. We then orient them into the categories below. Depending on your needs, we will direct you to a particularpackage: our added value is to introduce you to THE TEACHER who will best satisfy your requirements.


  • Our team of “big brothers  and big sisters” tutors: our young teachers and modern pedagogues with enough experience in tutoring to support and push their students.

  • For primary, secondary, and high school, online or face-to-face, our team ensures that the lessons are understood, and that the right learning method is acquired.

  • A real school follow-up, it is ideal for students without any particular difficulty, who want a young teacher. We do not however recommend this profile for CNED tutoring.


  • Our team of loyal and experienced teachers they have been with us for several years. They have a great knowledge of understanding the needs of each child and the content of the school programmes.

  • For primary, secondary, and high school levels, online or face-to-face: we recommend our premium tutors for the CNED and all students looking for long-term help, with teaching expertise.

  • This is also where you will find our foreign language teachers, our qualified teachers, and our teachers for the British curriculum up to 11+.


  • Our team of seasoned teachers: fully qualified or with a diploma or cumulating more than 10 years of professional experience, they are our superheroes of the private lesson.

  • For primary, middle, and high school levels, online or face-to-face: we recommend this team for secondary through to high school.

  • It is also here that you will find our teachers for the British system up to A LEVEL, the most qualified of our foreign language teachers, and some of our coaches for the preparation to the concours and post-Baccalaureate orientation.


  • Our team of teachers specialising in post-Baccalaureate support, to help you start your year, assist you in writing your essays, or prepare for your tests.

  • Here we find the most qualified of our coaches for preparation to the concours and post-Baccalaureate orientation and some of our teachers/mentors, specialised in teaching and advising college students (from Première, Year 12).

  • Only for the pre- or post-Baccalaureate, these courses are provided only online.


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