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Qui sommes-nous ?
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Who we are

Stéphanie is one of the founders of Fast Tutoring, created in 2003 in London to meet a strong need for home-schooling.
Our name is now Tutoring London International. We are constantly developing projects to better meet the needs of children in school monitoring and education.

Céline, engineer in productivity and efficiency, a mother above all, is ready to advise you on the schooling of your children.

Laurence recruits the best teachers for you and ensures that the lessons run smoothly. Today we work with over 100 qualified teachers for tutoring at home, online and  at school.

Our promise to you​

Rigorous teachers’ selection
Personalised follow-up of each student
Development of exclusive teaching methods

Our goal is to provide the home-schooling teacher who will best meet your needs and an appropriate working method to obtain tangible and lasting results.

Why did you create a home-school support structure?

Stéphanie, a philosophy teacher in London since 2001, started by giving private lessons. Faced with a growing demand from the French community for tutoring, in particular CNED (Centre national d’enseignement à distance - The National Centre for Distance Education is a French public institution under the oversight of the Department of Education dedicated to providing distance learning material). tutoring, she decided to launch FAST Tutoring which today has become Tutoring London InternationalIt has more than 100 qualified teachers for tailor-made tutoring at home, online or at school

What explains this high demand for home tutoring?

On the one hand, academic and school levels are getting higher, and parents want to have free time with their children. On the other hand, home tutoring should no longer be seen as a signfailure but as an aid to accessing a higher result level. These reasons explain our influence and the development of our services at  college and secondary levels, and even in some English schools.

Distance Learning
Tablet Learning
Our pedagogical expertise is our DNA

Our credo for over 20 years has been each child is different, and each child, if he/she needs support, should have support adapted to his/her profile and cognitive model.

  • Rigorous selection of teachers. matching the profile of the teacher to the particular needs of each student have become our trademark, the DNA of Tutoring London.

  • Understanding the profile and needs of each student. The answers you give us during the preliminary interview will steer us to the best suited tutor and the optimal pace to help the student effectively, keeping their attention and getting them on the right track leading to autonomy..

  • Personalised follow-up of each student, throughout the year.

  • Thanks to all these factors the tutor will be a precious, targeted, and quick help. He/she will guide the student to learn how to work alone; the teacher should not be considered as a permanent help but as a temporary crutch allowing the pupil to walk alone again.

Notre expertise pédagogique est notre ADN
Our selection of teachers and teacher/student matching

Our teachers all have at least the level required by the French National Education to teach. Chosen for their academic profiles, they are also selected for their availability and their communication skills and pedagogical qualities to provide private lessons.

Our strong point for home tutoring is to send someone not only qualified and experienced, but also specialised (subject and level). In addition, the key to our success lies in teacher-student matching: at Tutoring London International, our mission is to ensure the compatibility of the personalities, interests and skills of each student with his/her teacher. We are not looking for a teacher, but the right teacher for each student, the one who will restoreenthusiasm, confidence and method.
This results in greater loyalty from our customers, the best proof for us of parents and children’s satisfaction.

Home schooling
Notre sélection de professeurs et le matching professeur/élève


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