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We now offer tutorials for students in Première (Year 12) and Terminale (Year 13), in South Kensington, in person, during the week after class.

Our goal is to make private lessons accessible to as many students as possible, so we have organised face-to-face lessons, in small groups near the Lycée Charles de Gaulle with the best of our teachers.

  • Our mathematics and SES (Sciences économiques et sociales/Economy and social sciences) courses for the Première (Year 12) and Terminale (Year 13) are exclusively entrusted to our best teachers. All the members of our team share this desire for motivating and stimulating and encouraging school support. The effectiveness of our group lessons is based on the pedagogical skills of our teachers, their commitment, professionalism, and experience are the cornerstones of Tutoring London International's reputation.

  • Throughout these training sessions, they provide advice to students on how to revise effectively for the Baccalaureate.

  • These courses are personalised tutorials, which allow each student to be followed, and challenged at the same time to develop to the next level

  • In general, our Baccalaureate preparation tutorials aim to help students obtain their Baccalaureate diploma with a honours. The courses include Baccalaureate-type exercises.

  • In these courses, the objectives are those set by the requirements of the Baccalaureate exam. Our teachers are frequently Baccalaureate examiners and thrive towards perfection

Classroom Lecture


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