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  • Why did you create a home school support structure?
    Stéphanie, a professor of philosophy, in London since 2001,   began by giving private lessons. Faced with a growing demand from the French community in terms of CNed tutoring and tutoring, she decided to found FAST Tutoring, today, become Tutoring London, it is more than 100 qualified teachers for tailor-made tutoring at home or online.
  • What explains this high demand for home tutoring?
    The academic and school level is increasingly high and parents want to have free time with their children on the one hand. On the other hand, home tutoring should no longer be considered as proof of failure, but as an aid to accessing a higher level. These reasons explain our influence and the development of our services at the level of colleges, high schools, and even some English schools.
  • The CNED, what is it?
    It is a correspondence course that allows French students to follow 2 courses! Enrolled in an English school, your children can thus stay in contact with French programs in order to be able to easily reintegrate their nursery education thanks to home tutoring. With this in mind, we have specially trained our teachers for this distance learning and it is a great success!
  • Can I have a tutor at my school?
    Yes, in general, individually or collectively, but we also collaborate with English schools to the delight of parents.
  • Parents could find a teacher themselves? 
    Yes, and that's often what they do before calling us! Our strong point for home tutoring is to send not only someone qualified and experienced but above all specialized (subject and level). Moreover, the key to our success lies in the teacher-student match: At Tutoring London, our mission is to match the personalities, interests, and skills of each student and teacher. We are not looking for a teacher but the teacher that each student needs: the one who restores taste, confidence, and method to his student. This results in great loyalty from our customers, the best proof for us of the satisfaction of parents and children alike.
  • How do you choose our teachers? 
    Our teachers all have, at least, the level required by the National Education to teach. Chosen for their academic profiles, they are also selected for their availability and their relational and pedagogical qualities for private lessons.
  • How is it? 
    A simple process that ends with your satisfaction! You contact us to explain your request. You fill out the registration form and pay the registration fees that you send to us by email. We are starting research to respond to your request as quickly as possible. We offer you the first lesson with the teacher. We provide feedback after this first lesson to find out your level of satisfaction and to determine the choice of the most suitable package.


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